In a way, using Chopin feels like playing the piano. Push the levers up and down to intuitively dim the lights, control the shades, or let your favorite music enter the room. Hence the inspiration for this new keypad’s name: the genius piano composer Frédéric Chopin.

The keypad’s front cover is available in the same high-end finishes as all other Basalte products, including aluminum, bronze, brass and more.

The levers are available in 3 different finishes: black aluminum, chrome and gold plated. Altogether, this stunning collection offers the perfect Chopin keypad for any taste.

Chopin keypads are available in a 1- and 2-gang version. Per gang, one or two levers are fitted, with or without an integrated RGB led. Furthermore, it is also possible to combine Chopin levers with minimalist Basalte sockets for a consistent & minimalist look.