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Making your home simply better

Making all the decisions you have to make as you go through the project can be overwhelming. Choosing the right technology can seem complicated, but actually the decision is simple. Use world standards and you are safe. Safe for the lifetime of the building, using world class companies backed by proven technology.

Ivory Egg and its family of trusted installers deliver simple operation using beautiful products  


Our cars are packed with the latest technology, yet we still commonly wire our buildings based on the old 230V wiring system. Yet, today we expect so much more - connectivity to devices, better control of lighting and heating, better air quality for wellness, and imporved efficiency.

Smart Buildings are:

  • Efficient - they save money

  • Convenient and stunningly simple to use

  • Time savers

  • Provide peace of mind and remote control

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Aesthetically simple

Plus building tech is now more affordable than ever.

Opportunity for the lifetime of the building

Don't limit the building for the future


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