Making a home work

With all this in mind, and the fact that KNX is an established platform for environmental control of buildings that delivers real integration of everything that is electrically supplied in the building, we can simplify buildings.Just like we expect to get in any new car we buy, these functions are what should be expected in any well designed modern building.


Below are some of the functions that are commonly controlled, monitored.

1. Lighting for life

Lighting control including dimming, colour changing and show control.  From simple on/off to smooth lighting scenes, you’ll find KNX makes it all simple every time.Using DALI light fittings allows for easy expansion and alteration of light groups long after the house is complete without invasive extra wiring.Careful positioning of sensors can make movement and lights work in harmony.  Different levels at day and nightSecurity functions for making the house look occupied when owners are away.

2. Your view on the world

Windows and curtains thatare open for you to enjoy the view, and close as the day ends to make a cozy environment.Local, timed and environmental/ safety control of blinds and windows.  Easy to control internal or external louvres, sun protection and fly screens.The blinds and windows are also an important method for automatically managing solar gain in a room.Works with all types of wired blind motors –no batteries or remote controls to lose.

3.Beautiful designer switches, intelligent technology

A range of switches with easy to use functions that make living and using the house easier and better than a traditionally wired house.From simple and familiar, to switches designed by people who care about making beautiful things as well as effective.



The performance of buildings, which we spend 90% of our lives inside of, is critical to our wellbeing.  Control of air quality(Co2), light quality, and water quality goes a long way to improving our health in the buildings we occupy.KNX has sensors for all of these metrics that can monitor and control the living environment.


5.Going off grid with Sustainable energy

Monitoring and supervisory control of energy sources including sustainable sources such as solar.Monitoring electrical supply to the building from Grid and local sources. Allowing the loads, like hot water tanks or swimming pool to be regulated to make the most of sustainable sources.Control and monitoring of geothermal energy production.  Measuring water temperature and the energy production from the source in conjunction with the visualization software.


6.Staying comfortable

Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning-HVAC KNX is ideal for controlling multiple sources and types of heating/ cooling –hydronic underfloor; heat pumps from all major manufacturers; Forced air; air circulation fans and dampers. KNX has been designed from the start to handle complex heating systems.


7.Ready for future vehicles

As KNX is an evolving protocol more than one of the current manufacturers are concerned with EV chargers for cars, carts or scooters.


8.Wet and warm

Pools and spas can be monitored for example for temperature or pH.Native KNX controllers can be implemented to control all the variables of the pool, like chemical introductions or heatpump controlInterface with the Steam room control system so the steam room can be turned on remotely


9.Wine cellar

Wine needs looking after carefully. Temperature and air quality sensors allow for easy control and monitoring of wine cellars and other environments.


10.Take a look at the building from anywhere

Building management software with pages for users, building services manager, and/or guests.Pages with floor layouts may be created and all the functions in the room made easily available either on portable devices or wall mounted screens.
Remote access to the system from mobile device (iOs or Android) easy to implement.


11.Speak to your home

“Hello Siri”or “Alexa”Integration with Siri and other voice activated systems is available now from various manufacturers.


12.Hospitality requirements

Setup and control of guest rooms so they can be put into standby or occupied mode with single instruction.  Once in occupied mode the local control of heating and lighting is easy to implement.

Plus, building tech is now more affordable than ever


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