KNX why we use it

KNX is a protocol for environmental control of buildings, including lighting, heating, blinds and much more.

KNX is like Bluetooth, but for buildings.

Products from many different manufacturers are guaranteed to 'talk' to each other using the language of KNX, to perform different tasks.  It is like the Internet of things –for buildings.KNX was developed in 1990 and now more than 470 manufacturers make products that comply to the standard, and in the order of 250M products have been installed around the world since then.


KNX fully complies with international and regional standards IEC/ISO 14543-3, EN-50090, EN13321-1, EN1332-2, ANSI/ASHRAE 135 and now SA/SNZ ISO/IEC TS 14543.3.1-6:2018.

KNX compliant products and solutions present demonstrable difference and advantage from other systems and protocols.













Below are some of the key points:

•KNX is Non-proprietary -All products labeled with the KNX trademark comply with international standards including IEC/ISO 14543-3 that defines interoperability between products.  All KNX products are configured using a common tool, ETS, allowing a single configuration file to be delivered to the building owner, allowing the system to be updated/ upgraded, by any installer with the configuration tool, at any time in the future.KNX represents best practice for the lifetime of the building.

•KNX is the platform of a distributed environmental control system for buildings that includes functions of lighting control, HVAC control, Air quality control and many others. Critical system such as lighting are controlled by a robust, resilient network of distributed components with no single point of failure.

•KNX is an open protocol with products available from 420+ manufacturers. It may be thought of as the 'Internet of things' for buildings and is so heavily invested in, and proven, that the technology is installed in over 60% of all new commercial buildings in Europe and has been adopted as the regional standard in many countries including USA, China, UAE . Environmental building controls using KNX have been delivered for 30 years and will continue to be delivered for the lifetime of the buildings using them.

•KNX is very well proven, evidenced by the fact that it has been selected as the mission critical control system for many thousands of projects worldwide, which includes: homes, airports, hospitals, hotels, banks, and offices. See for a wide range of reference sites.

•KNX is an open protocol and is often required to communicate with the building BMS or AV system.  Depending on the system, KNX may communicate directly with an embedded IP driver, or through gateways with protocols such as BACNet/IP or Modbus.  
•KNX has developed and evolved with emerging technology trends. Manufacturers regularly release new products to keep pace with technology and regulation –for example, the recent trend towards ‘tunable white’ lighting control has been adopted by a number of KNX manufacturers.

•A KNX system is expandable and adjustable during the lifetime of the building by anyone with the ETS configuration file, so is not locked to one installer.

•KNX integration and programming time is efficient –saving costs of commissioning.

•KNX modules take less space in distribution boards than most other systems –saving costs of 'real estate' and hardware

•Where KNX controls multiple functions in a building one product may be selected to perform multiple functions. For instance a motion sensor for lighting control may also be used for occupancy based heating, and, contain a brightness sensor for blind control, and a thermostat which forms part of the heating function. So a single device is highly versatile and cost effective.

•KNX is attractively priced compared to other systems with comparative products and functions. KNX manufacturers compete in the market with technical differences as well as prices. This is possible due to the open nature of the platform.


With all this in mind, and the fact that KNX is an established platform for environmental control of buildings that delivers real integration of everything that is electrically supplied in the building, we can simplify buildings.Just like we expect to get in any new car we buy, these functions are what should be expected in any well designed modern building.


Plus, building tech is now more affordable than ever


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